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Welcome to 6D.Varsity

Welcome to 6D.Varsity, a trailblazing institution at the forefront of addressing today's critical global challenges.

At 6D.Varsity, our mission is to transform education with our distinctive "Learning by Problem Solving" methodology, crafted to align with the dynamic demands of Industry 4.0 and beyond.

We are dedicated to cultivating a new cadre of thinkers, innovators, and leaders, armed with the vital knowledge, skills, and perspective necessary to confront and resolve the paramount issues our world faces.

Integral to 6D.Varsity is the synergy between Human Resource Development (HRD) and Research & Development (R&D), creating a fertile ecosystem for the growth of talent in design and deep-tech disciplines.


Our pioneering educational tactics, including Create-to-Learn and Work-to-Learn programs, are specially devised for the digital generation, providing unmatched learning experiences that both inspire and equip students for future challenges.

Our flagship initiative, the 6D.GPS (Global Problem Solving) program, is designed to empower a broad spectrum of participants — from budding innovators and problem solvers to startup enthusiasts, business leaders, and global visionaries — with the resources they need to tackle worldwide issues effectively.

We are also thrilled about the upcoming launch of our Schools of Impact and Purpose (SIP) within this decade. These schools — focusing on Drug Discovery and Precision Agriculture  — are set to contribute profoundly to our global community.

Embark on this extraordinary voyage with 6D.Varsity, where your passion for innovation and action-driven education can truly make a difference.


Join us in shaping a future where education is the catalyst for real-world change.

6D Varsity Journey Map

6D Vision

"6D.Varsity envisions a world where every global problem is met with innovative, sustainable solutions. Powered by 6D.Thinking, 6D.Varsity aims to empower a new generation of problem solvers, capable of transforming the complex issues of our time into opportunities for progress and prosperity for all."

6D Mission

"6D.Varsity's mission is to cultivate a diverse community of thinkers, innovators, and leaders, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to address the world's most pressing challenges. Through our cutting-edge curriculum, interdisciplinary research, and global partnerships, we commit to advancing sustainable development, technology, and social equity across all sectors of society."

6D Goals (2030)

  1. Educational Excellence and Innovation: "By 2030, establish 6D.Varsity as a global leader in problem-solving education, integrating cross-disciplinary studies with real-world applications in our curriculum to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)."

  2. Global Impact Through Research: "Initiate and complete at least 10 high-impact, collaborative research projects that contribute directly to solving global challenges in health & longevity, climate action, education, and precision agriculture."

  3. Community and Partnership Building: "Form and nurture over 100 strategic partnerships with academia, industry, research, and non-governmental organizations worldwide to foster a global ecosystem of knowledge exchange and innovation in problem-solving."

  4. Student and Faculty Development: "Empower over 10,000 students and faculty with the skills, resources, and opportunities to lead global problem-solving initiatives, ensuring a diverse and inclusive community of global leaders."

Founder Chairman

Mr. Srikanth Talluri
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Founder Chairman Mr. Srikanth Talluri

Srikanth Talluri, distinguished as one of the Top 100 Educational Leaders in 2020-21 by GFEL, USA, has earned international acclaim for his revolutionary impact on education through the development of the 6D Educational Model.


This innovative model, which includes the "6D" Problem Solving Framework, "6D.Thinking" Pedagogy, and "6D.HESS" Curriculum Design, is dedicated to solving global issues through education.

Driven by a visionary ambition to transform educational paradigms, Talluri founded 6D.Varsity, a forward-thinking institution designed to tackle global challenges via educational means.

His educational innovations, such as the Create-to-Learn, Learn-to-Earn, and Work-to-Learn models, have been recognized as transformative, particularly in the post-pandemic learning environment. Moreover, his endorsement of Venture Based Learning, or 'Learning by Problem Solving,' has received broad recognition.


Talluri advocates for instilling a mindset of Innovation, Purpose, and Leadership (IPL) in the youth, integral to their education. The "6D" methodology is crafted to nurture this problem-solving orientation among global talents across various fields.

The inception of 6D.Varsity was propelled by Talluri's four-year exploration (2020-2023) with the 6D.GPS Curriculum at the School of Innovation and Leadership (SOIL), focusing initially on education disrupted by the pandemic. This effort gave rise to the current 6D.School (previously Ask Anjlee Academy).


6D.School marks Talluri's initial venture into global problem-solving through education. Amid the pandemic, it attracted over 500 students, teachers, and technologists worldwide, providing Free Basic Education for grades 1-10 following CBSE, India, and NEP guidelines.


As a free educational app/platform, it offers an all-encompassing classroom experience with Daily Study Packets (DSPs), revision tools, and curated, spam-free content for students, teachers, homeschoolers, and schools, showcasing an economical, deep-tech-driven, and limitless educational model.


Ms. Usha S Talluri
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Usha Sripathineni

Usha is an experienced biotechnology researcher turned digital edupreneur. She is the co-creator of the innovative 6D.Thinking Framework, 6D.SIP Model, and 6D.HESS Curriculum Model. As a co-founder of the 6D Ecosystem, which includes 6D.Research, 6D.Varsity, and 6D.Works, she specializes in global problem-solving through deep tech, design, and digital transformation.

A seasoned SaaS and AI UX consultant, Usha is adept at orchestrating investor and research networks and is proficient in advanced lab procedures and technologies such as AFM, DIP, and Data Science. She is passionate about leveraging her expertise in biotechnology and digital innovation towards impactful purpose-driven initiatives.

As the co-founder and director of 6D.Varsity, her role spans from establishing global and domestic collaborations with academia, research institutions, and industry partners to establishing new Schools of Impact and Purpose with respective stakeholders.

Previously, Usha was a Research Assistant at UMBC, where she worked extensively with fungi, studying their mechanical properties and related biochemical pathways. She has significant experience using advanced microscopy techniques and image analysis tools. One of her research topics involved studying the effect of autophagy on the mechanical properties of filamentous fungal cell walls, hypothesizing that nutrient starvation induces autophagy, leading to structural changes in fungal cell walls.

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