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6D.GPS | Global Problem Solving


Our flagship 6D.GPS program at 6D.Varsity has been designed for the pandemic hit world, where the industry, education, governments and life as a whole has been put into a reset mode, leaving the world with millions of new mysterious problems, gaps, needs and life requirements.

Solving the world problems needs a multi-disciplinary skillset and competence to integrate these disciplines into a consumable solution. A Problem Solver emerges by rigorous practice and perseverance.

6D.GPS is delivered in '6D Problem Solving Pedagogy' that casts an individual into a tough and large scale problem solver aka global innovation leader in a 12 month, 4 quarter, 6 course and 1440 hours of Lab Exercises.

Evolve and Emerge as a Global Problem Solver by creating solutions to the Real World-Problems. Jump Start a Highly Rewarding Career in the Corporates, Government, International Organizations and Startups of scale.

Who can Apply?

Undergrads, Graduates, Post-Graduates, Working Professionals, Executives.


18 yrs & above

Curriculum Applicability
  • Professionals Planning a Sabbatical in the Job/Career

  • Applicants seeking Graduate Studies, Research Oriented Programs (Ph.D)

  • Startup Founders and Teams

  • Gig and Freelancing Job Aspirants

  • Government Job Aspirants in any Territory

  • Social Volunteers and NGO Workers

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Holders

  • Applicants should have completed 15 Years of Minimum Formal Education in the below mentioned formats

  • A Valid Undergraduate or Equivalent Degree for 3 year Format (BBA, B.Sc, B.Com, B.A etc)

  • Successful Completion of 3 academic years of a 4 year Degree Program (B.E, B.Tech, M.B.B.S, B.L etc)

  • 3 Year Polytechnic Diploma Holders (exceptional basis)

6D.GPS Tracks

Corp Track

  • Focus on Intrapreneurial Mindset and Frameworks.

  • Labs Focused on Corporate Problem Solving.

  • Placement Cell assisting Job Preparation and Interviews.

  • Mock up Interviews and Resume Preparation.

Startup Track

  • Focus on Entrepreneurial Frameworks and Mindset.

  • Labs Focused on Social Problem Solving.

  • Investment Cell assisting and facilitating Investment Drives

  • Mock up Pitch Presentations, Feedback Sessions and Storytelling.


Govt Track

  • Focus on Entrepreneurial Frameworks and Mindset.

  • Labs Focused on Territorial Problem Solving.

Research Track

  • Focus on Research Frameworks and Mindset.

  • Labs Focused on Global Problem Solving.

  • Partner Cell assisting and facilitating funding, lab & necessary infra

6D.GPS Focus Areas

health intelligence

health, food & longevity

precision agriculture

deeptech powered


for a greener planet

for everyone

neo-gen centric

Sample Program Structure

Season  1

12 weeks

Discover & Define

Courses & Lectures

  • 6D.Thinking for Problem Solving

  • Intra and Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Industry/Domain specific core/elective courses

Lab Episodes

  • Market Research to Identify Requirements, Needs, Gaps and Friction.

  • Create Structured and Un-Structured Empathy Data-pools.

  • Extract the Pulp from the above data and Observations.

  • Create Pin-Pointed Problem Statements

Season  2

12 weeks


Courses & Lectures

  • Designing Innovative Products and Solutions

  • Business Modeling

  • Industry/Domain specific core/elective courses


Lab Episodes

  • Create a Conceptual Solution - Product or Service

  • Identify relevant Process, Flows, Rules.

  • Weave the Envisioned Solution combining all the above.

  • Create a Low-Fidelity Prototype

Season  3

12 weeks

Derive & Develop

Courses & Lectures

  • Product Management

  • Technology & Deep-tech Architecture

  • Industry/Domain specific core/elective courses


Lab Episodes

  • Identify the Tech, Non-Tech, Human and Financial Building Blocks relevant to the solution.

  • Create the Architecture and Execution Plan

  • Develop the Solution Prototype V1.0

Season  4

12 weeks

Develop & Deliver

Courses & Lectures

  • Storytelling and Marketing Innovation

  • Strategising the Last-mile Delivery

  • Industry/Domain specific core/elective courses


Lab Episodes

  • Continue Development of Solution Prototype V1.0.

  • Plan and Execute the Launch Strategies.

  • Generate Feedback.

  • Iterative Problem Solving



  • Participants have to choose one of the available Career Track - Corp Track, Startup Track, Govt Track, Researcher Track

Career Stream ( Job | Startup )

  • For any chosen Career Stream, participants will be involved in Courses & Lectures + Lab Track (mandatory)

Lab Tracks

  • The participant will have to pick only one lab track.

  • Available Tracks - Ed-Tech, Fin-Tech


  • Course created and taught by Top Minds and CXO's in the Industry.


Mode of Delivery

  • Online - Live - Instructor led

Program Intake


  • Quarterly‍


Seats per Batch

  • 20


Start Dates

  • Quarterly

Sample Program Highlights




lab tracks






lab hours

  • 6D.GPS Completion Certificate.

  • Experience Letter for all participants.

  • Recommendation Letter for Top Performers.

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